Banks today offer many services and everything is aimed at attracting the maximum number of customers. The latter, in particular, can get a credit card without checking their credit history by the bank. The client can receive the following cards in this way.
1. Tinkoff Platinum. You can get this card without checking your credit history. You can store up to 700 thousand rubles on it. The interest rate is 29.9% per annum. You can get this card even without leaving your home, but online via the Internet. In this case, the card will be delivered to the specified location. In addition, the bank makes a decision to issue a card within 5 minutes. In addition to the absence of a rule for checking credit history, the client will be delighted with loyalty to him. Card service is 590 rubles per year. The grace period is 55 days.
2. 100 days without interest of Alfa Bank. Clients with negative credit history can apply for a credit card at Alfa Bank. The latter will offer a card “100 days without interest”. The grace period for the card is 120 days. The credit limit is 500 thousand rubles. However, you will have to pay as much as 2,400 rubles a year for the service. The card is issued free of charge. For cash withdrawals up to 30 thousand rubles, no commission is charged. To receive this card, the client must be of legal age and have a monthly income of 5 to 9 thousand rubles. There must also be a permanent registration. Citizens of the Russian Federation will need to indicate their work phone number in the application.
3. Raiffeisen bank card. The limit of these cards is 600 thousand rubles. The interest-free period is 52 days. Also, the cardholder will be able to buy goods in online stores with a discount of up to 40%. Service of the card will cost 1,490 rubles per year. Loan funds are repaid with interest from 29% per year. It will be possible to cash out by paying a commission of 390 rubles and 3.9% of the size of the operation. This card can be obtained by a person who has reached 23 years of age and has an income of 25 thousand rubles per month. In addition, the client must have worked in one place for at least 3 months. When filling out the application, in addition to your personal data, you will need to indicate your work phone number. From the documents, you will need to provide a passport and fill out a questionnaire. It is recommended, but not required, to provide a statement of income. This will not only increase the chances of getting a card, but also improve credit conditions.