Not only a computer, but also a smartphone is susceptible to all sorts of malicious programs, including Trojans. Until a certain point, the concept of viruses in relation to mobile phones was only a theoretical assumption, but only up to a certain point. In fact, someone has finally created real threats to these devices, systems and information contained on mobile phones. Due to the fact that nowadays smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life, their use is associated with a real threat of malware infection. Most smartphones run Android. The most common smartphone malware is:
– ransomware;
– spyware;
– worms;
– Trojans.

Trojan in smartphone
Trojans are malicious programs that enter a smartphone using various legitimate applications. If an application is installed on the device, the Trojan starts working at the same time. For the Trojan to work, it must be installed by the user, so it cannot work without some traffic from the user. Trojans can completely block the device and disable some installed applications.

Knowledge, suspicion, action
To be able to detect Trojan or other malicious software on a smartphone, obviously, you need to know how they work. Infecting various applications is one of the most common ways hackers operate. Thus, Trojans are a fairly common type of malware that appears on smartphones. In some situations, hackers even create special applications, which are then purchased by users, not knowing that they also contain Trojans. It is not difficult to detect the Trojan on a smartphone. Blocking and freezing applications is a very clear indication of the presence of this kind of malware. Therefore, it is very important not only to have knowledge to identify the threat, but it is also very important to install the appropriate security program on the smartphone. Periodic scanning allows you to avoid unpleasant situations, and in case of infection, the antivirus program also allows you to quickly remove the virus from your smartphone.

Apart from Trojans, there are many other threats in smartphones. Thus, we are talking not only about Trojans, but also about other types of malware. In this regard, it is even more important to use a professional antivirus program so as not to infect the device. Of course, the software is not paid, as the free versions of antivirus programs are enough to completely protect yourself from cybercriminals. It is important not to underestimate this problem.