Resisting progress is pointless. That is why he is progress, to replace the old, obsolete, new, modern, convenient.
Just as natural exchange, which arose at the dawn of time, was replaced by various equivalents of the value of goods (furs, shells, etc.), and in the 7th century they were replaced by metal coins, displaced, in turn, by securities, so it is now pointless to resist huge advantages of bank plastic cards.
You can resist them only because of natural obstinacy, or out of ignorance. To eliminate it, many articles have been written, visual explanatory work is being carried out, advertising is trying.
The most important advantage is the safety of credit cards. There are PIN codes and a personal unique signature of the person, these two components guarantee that the withdrawn funds will only fall into the hands of the owner. While money is impersonal, anyone can use it. In addition, if the card is stolen or lost, that is, upon detection of its absence, you can instantly block it, and then also quickly restore it. The safety of funds in the client’s accounts is also facilitated by the fact that the bank has established daily volumes of loans that can be issued.
Credit cards are also easy to use from an aesthetic point of view – they are beautiful and pleasant to hold in your hands. In addition, they are subject to little wear and tear, that is, they are durable.
For some reason, little is said about such an advantage as the impossibility of passing them through thousands of hands, sick and healthy. At the beginning of the century, the idea was quite often voiced that humanity would be struck by incurable diseases transmitted by means of money. The bank card belongs to only one person and is in his pocket.
Priorities include the ability to pay by credit card for purchases and services in many parts of the world, just like in a nearby store. By linking it to the client’s bank account, you can make purchases online in online stores and receive bonuses at the same time. You can pay off debts on housing and communal services online without leaving your home. How can you not appreciate and welcome this type of payment, especially in winter?
In order to expand the services provided, banks try to take into account the needs of customers as much as possible, introduce an individual approach into practice. For this purpose, for large participants in the banking process, elite bank cards such as “Gold” or “Platinum” are being introduced into everyday life, giving access to a large number of funds withdrawn in a one-time order.
The ATM network is expanding all the time. In large cities, they are within walking distance, like pharmacies or supermarkets.
Banks are developing various systems of incentives, benefits and gifts for regular users of plastic. Keeping up with the times is always beneficial and convenient.