Providing a loan is a certain risk that the bank takes. Of course, it is in his interests to minimize this factor as much as possible and get money back guarantees. This is the reason why, before issuing funds for use by the client, the bank conducts a thorough check of the borrower. In order not to waste your time and energy while waiting for a loan, consultations with bank representatives, it is better to immediately understand whether you are suitable for the role of a borrower or if you do not meet these requirements.

As a basis, a set of standard bank requirements for a borrower can be distinguished:

Citizenship. The person must have Russian citizenship. Also, certain documents must be provided confirming a temporary or permanent residence permit and a place of work in the area where the bank or one of its branches is located.

Age. For the most part, citizens under the age of 20 are immediately cut off, and they are not yet able to get a loan. But there are certain banking institutions that can provide lending services to people who have reached the age of 18.
As for the maximum age limit, it often has a mark of 75 years. At the same time, keep in mind that even if the borrower is 73, many banks will still refuse to provide a regular loan. For pensioners, specific lending programs are being developed. Many banks may set age limits not at the time of the loan, but at the time of its repayment. Thus, the age categories are narrowed down to 63 years for men and 60 for women.
Income. You must have a steady income that will be documented. He can be assured over the phone when talking with the authorities or when presenting a document with the seal and signature of the manager.
Seniority. To confirm your solvency, you must not only submit a certificate of income (in some banks it is not required, but the interest rate of such loans will be slightly higher), but also exclude the risk of the possibility of losing your job. For this reason, the work experience must be at least five years, and at the last place of work of the borrower – at least eight months.
These are the basic requirements for the borrower. But a number of special, additional requirements can also be distinguished. It all depends on the bank. In some, these may be the boundaries of the minimum income. Below this mark, the bank may simply not provide credit services. Even such at first glance as nonsense as a telephone can cause a refusal to credit. Some banking institutions have a mandatory requirement for a mobile, home and work phone.
It is always worth considering the specifics of each bank and before trying yourself in the role of a borrower, inquire about its requirements.