The fact that we do not find viruses on iOS is due to a trivial reason: Apple smartphones are much less vulnerable to cyberattacks. Although there are several malware programs that run on iPhones, and many of the threats also appear on Apple smartphones, there are many more obstacles to overcome for hackers. Also, there are many more Android devices out there, so they are much more profitable for hackers as targets.

Development bugs: updates
Another Android issue is security updates. They usually arise as follows: a security analyst discovers a vulnerability and reports it to Google. Google is making improvements and a patch is released. Since the issue is resolved, the researcher publishes the vulnerability. However, the Android update is automatically rolled out only to Google Pixel phones. Other smartphones require the cooperation of manufacturers to adapt the overlays and take care of their distribution. However, this happens late, often as little as two years, and not for all smartphones.

Although Google obliges manufacturers to distribute the fix for two years, at least for flagships in new contracts, manufacturers still have 90 days from the date the fix was published to distribute it to smartphones. During this time, hackers can read about the vulnerability, because this information is a ready-made recipe for another virus.

More and more viruses on Android
Android has been in the spotlight of cybercriminals for years. In the first two years after the debut of the operating system, there is practically no malware on it. However, later the number of malicious programs increases dramatically. Currently, the number of viruses is no longer growing as quickly, but pests are much more complex and therefore much more dangerous.

Security apps help, but not entirely
Can antivirus apps for Android solve such problems? Yes, not all, but some for sure. They protect against pests, report suspicious access attempts, warn of fake apps or phishing attempts. Therefore, if we buy an Android smartphone, we must install a reliable anti-virus application on it. This is the only way, despite the widespread threats, we will be able to provide our smartphone with at least partial protection.