It’s not a secret for anyone that tourists are currently a source of income for many countries and their residents, and earnings are not always legal, therefore travelers come up with many different hiding places to save their own funds.
Of course, everything depends on the experience and dexterity of the thief, not to mention the situation, however, it is recommended not only not to shine with money, but also to place it strategically, because some tourist will be able to exist normally without funds.
The most common ways to save your own funds:
Separation of funds – this method does not seem effective to many, but sometimes it is the most optimal way out of the situation. And this applies to both cash and credit cards. Several cards should be placed in different places, as well as cash. Use some all the time, and touch the hidden ones only as a last resort or in case of loss / theft of the “main” source. Also, it will not be superfluous to leave part of the funds in the room, but naturally hiding them, and not in clothes, but somewhere in the room itself.
Store funds directly on the body – this is relevant when a person has a long way in which he will need to sleep or vigilance is dulled in another way. You can buy matching clothes with inner pockets or make them yourself.
Most of the funds should not be shone constantly – if small purchases or other expenses are planned, then a small amount of funds should always be at hand, and the fixed capital should be in a safe place. This will hide from potential robbers how much money the tourist owns and avoid trouble.
Substitution – if a person is very afraid, then he can take advantage of the substitution. Take an old wallet and put plain paper in there, and use it in prominent places. This “technique” is especially relevant in places where people are often robbed, especially tourists.
Pay exclusively by bank transfer – in some countries this is the only payment method, in others it is more successful. Thus, scammers will not only be unable to find out how much money a tourist has, but even if they are stolen, they will not be able to spend all the funds at once, since there is a limit and a special blocking. Of course, there is fraud aimed specifically at cards, but it is much less common than the usual theft of cash.
Storage of funds in cosmetic containers – rarely will anyone touch cosmetics, especially when stolen, therefore storing funds in appropriate jars and boxes can be a very good option.
Travel clothing with hidden pockets – there are many similar items in which the pockets are located in the most unexpected and inconspicuous places, you can buy it especially for travel. Everything can be selected for convenience and reliability, besides, it will still fit in style and so on.
The correct distribution and storage of funds will greatly help to keep them intact.