In recent years, it has become quite popular to issue credit cards with a passport. For borrowers, this method is very profitable, since there is no need to collect a lot of certificates and other additional documents. Walking through the shopping center, you can go to the bank on the way and apply for a card. You can also submit an application through the online service. So, you should pay attention to the following credit cards, which are quite profitable.
1. “Lightning OTP Bank”. The credit card limit is 300 thousand rubles. The borrower does not need to pay for the issue and use of the card. The grace period is 55 days. The Grace period includes purchases in trade and service establishments. You can withdraw cash by paying a 2.9% commission + 290 rubles of a flat rate. The bank returns the cashback in the amount of 1.5%, but the purchase receipt must be more than 100 rubles. The maximum return is 2,000 rubles.
2. Raspberry Tinkoff Bank. The limit on this card is as much as 700 thousand rubles. Issuing the card is free, but you have to pay to use it. 990 rubles per year. Grace period 55 days. As for the Grace period, it applies to goods for which the client paid by card. Cash withdrawal is not included in Grace. You can withdraw money at any ATM, but you will need to pay a commission of 390 rubles. The card can be issued remotely and the bank will deliver it to the client’s place of residence. Delivery is carried out within 1-5 days.
3. Sports card of the Eastern Bank. The size of the card limit is limited to 300 thousand rubles. You will have to pay 1000 rubles for issuing a card, but using it is free. The grace period is 56 days. As well as in the previous card, cash withdrawal is not included in the Grace period. Regardless of which ATM the client will withdraw money from, they will have to pay 4.9% of the amount + 399 rubles. The card can be obtained by a person who has reached the age of 25. If the person is under 25 years old, then he must provide a document confirming his solvency. For example, a certificate from the place of work. However, in this case, the minimum age for the borrower is also set. He is 21 years old. A person under this age cannot receive a card, even if they provide a certificate from the place of work. From all purchases for which the client pays with a card, the bank will charge him 1%. When making purchases in the “Sports goods” category, the bank will charge 5% of the purchase amount.