When applying for a loan, each bank issues its requests for the availability of certain documents. In addition to a passport or income certificates from men under 27 years old, a military ID will be required. This is due to the financial policy of banks, which want to reduce the risk of non-repayment of borrowed funds, in the event that the borrower is drafted into the army. It is much more difficult for men of military age who do not have a military ID in their hands to obtain credit funds.
Naturally, large banking institutions are unlikely to give permission to issue a loan to a young person under 27 years old without a military ID. To get a loan, you can contact banks that offer lending programs that provide for a more liberal attitude towards the collected package of documents.
There are many credit institutions that offer cash loans without certificates and additional documents. Loans in such banks are limited to the amount (maximum 100,000 rubles), since if a potential borrower wants to take a larger amount, the number of required documents that confirm his reliability before the lender accordingly increases.
Without presenting a document of military service, you can apply for a credit card. Of course, the credit limit on a credit card will be small, but with constant use of the card and during the paid installments, there is a chance that the limit on the card will increase. Bank cards with a credit limit without presenting additional documents, including a military ID, can be issued in such banks as: Tinkoff, Sberbank of Russia, Russian Standard, Promsvyazbank and others.
An application for a credit card can be sent via the Internet, having previously filled out a special form or by contacting the operator by phone. This operation will not take much time and the potential borrower will have the opportunity to learn about the bank’s decision after a while.
Without a military ID, it is possible to get a loan for the purchase of any product in retail outlets. These cash loans are issued on the basis of a passport and any other document. There is a chance to get a loan at a car dealership for the purchase of vehicles, since the car pledged will be a guarantee of a refund.
A lot of microfinance organizations have appeared on the lending market, offering to use express loan programs, which are aimed at issuing funds on the basis of a passport. The negative side of these lending programs is the increased rate (up to 300% per annum) and short lending terms (up to 170 days).